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Coal, Nuclear Death Jan. 13, 2020


In nuclear there are 10000s of studies about the effects of radiation. The effects above a dose of 100 mSv/yr are proven by statistics. Below 100 mSv/yr. there is no statistical significance as the general risks of life are dominant.


The knowledge about chemical substances is usually very low. Sometimes there are studies made with very high doses that provide significance. Others are estimated acc. to chemical similarities to better known substances. For the very low doses emitted by modern equipment there are quite often ideologic assumptions only. 


I would appreciate it very much if politicians would have the bravery to give life a price tag. Today the situation is determined by distortion.


- A nuclear victim seems to be at least 100 times more valuable than a wind victim, or traffic victim. 

- Old poeple with an age of > 85 gets medical surgery for x 100.000$, get nursing care for 5000 $/month (Switzerland) while there is no money left for young families and kids. This is perhaps a reason for low birth rates. 


Climate Models Dec. 10. 2019


As long as the underlying system is not understood it doesn`t matter how many climate models are produced.


All these models provide a result based on the input of formulas and data. Thanks to electronic computing they provide an absolutly correct result based on the input...or to say it easier shit in - shit out.  


Modeling has the advantage that you can adjust the data and formulas  according to your expectations untill you receive the result expected. 


Climate Change and Civilisation Aug. 22nd. 2019

Aside from green religion and the climate hoax the earth climate is very complex and till today only partially understood. Thus it is unknown what kind of changes will happen in the future. Manhood has to adapt to it. The more developed a civilisation is the more it can reduce its dependency from nature. It makes sense to use energy as coal, oil, gas and nuclear to power our world and make us less dependent on weather and climate. 


Radioactive Waste in the Future 17.09.2019

It can be assumed that if manhood does not develop back to a green stone age the radioactivity dacays....After several hundred years radioactive waste deposits will become deposits of precious materials as plutonium, uranium,...Tc99, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, silver and many more. I would not be astonished if there will be initiatives digging for such treasures. 


RDS and the Climate Hoax

The climate hoax hypothesis or green religion demands from its followers to abandon the use of fossile energy and thus live a life similar to the middle age.


The leaders like the climate noble prize winners Pachauri/Gore had flown to India for a cricket playvor using a private jet for their pleasure. It is a feudalistic society model.


This religion is very popular in Western Europe and parts of North America but is not popular in other regions where the poeple desire to live like the US middle class. All in about 400 mio. poeple in the world would like to go back to middle age, about 6 bn poeple would like to live the life of the US middle class.


For RDS and BP it would be ideal to stay with its profitable oil & gas business and if the Western Europeans does not want to buy oil anymore sell it to India, China or whoever wants to live a modern life.


Further it would make sense to support campaigns to disclose the facts about the climate hoax.      


     The preferential treatment of Renewable Energies is worse than the subsidies 17.08.2019


Wind power is produced acc. to the coincidences of the weather. The value is similar to an airline ticket of a flight you don`t know when the plane is going. If you have the choice you will pay more and get a plane that is flying acc. to your time schedule and get rid of the valueless ticket.  But utilities have to take it preferentially.

In the electricity grid it is even worse. Electricty demand and generation needs to be equal at any moment. It is to have power plants in hot, warm, cold stand by or a nuclear plant has to run on 60% load while there is not a significant cost difference letting it run at 98%.

If preferential treatment would end up many wind mills might become disconnetcted and green believers can pray in front of it. 


Hydrogen as Medium for Energy 05.09.2018

Hydrogen is one of the worst energy mediums. It has the lowest density of all materials that makes storage and pumping complex and expensive. It diffuses thru all gaskets which mean it requires Ex- Zones for safety reasons. Due to the low boiling point it needs an awful lot of energy to liquify hydrogen. All in all there are much better mediums to get energy to the consumer as diesel, electricity, methane, LNG and many others. 

Hydrogen is usually generated by a chemical process from natural gas. The conversion requires plants and costs efficiency and makes hydrogen a very expensive medium of energy. Alternatives as producing H2 from nuclear heat are far away from realization. 

Shell investment in "renewable energies" 14.01.2019
As a shareholder of RDS it is indeed not in my interest if RDS waste capex for green ideologic nonsense. 
1. Many companies in the "renewable energy" business are influenced by politics and profits are quite often not the focus of these companies. Thus the margins of "renewable energies" are significant below that of oil&gas. 
2. RDS does not replace the depletion of its reserves. The production is declining slightly. It would be better to allocate the capex in the oil&gas core business. 
3. The profitability of "renewable energies" is provided by government subsidies or regulation. Political changes (elections) quite often let a new government slash these subsidies. The political risk is high. 


4. It is not my moral to produce a product without any value (the electricity from Solar/Wind is produced according to the coincidences of weather, daytime & season and not according to demand) and sell it to sometimes poor poeple. 
97% Consensus of Climate Change

The 97% consensus is a hoax as well. The results are got by evaluating the abstracts of scientific articles. Many of the publications evaluated does not publish critical articles at all.

The climate is a complex multi - science topic. Physicists, meterologists, botanics, ocean & atmosphere scientists, chemists, engineers each are working on a bit of the information needed to understand the climate. If an engineer develops measuring equipment and standards for CO2 measurements he is a part of this complex system but does not need to understand the whole thing.  

I would suggest that there is a minority of such scientists that believe in the climate hoax, another strong minority that does not care and a very strong minority that is more or less sceptical but keeps the mouth shut.


Investments in Wind Energy
Beside of the moral question (cheating the poeple) wind farms provide by far lower profit margins than investments in oil and gas. 
Wind generates electricity by the coincidences of the weather. In the grid electricity demand and generation needs to be in balance at any moment. Thus  its value is close to 0. 
Any revenues of windfarms are achieved by subsidies or governmental regulations. After elections many countries stopped these subsidies...sometimes with backwardation. 
98% of Scientists believe in the Climate Hoax
The 98% of climate scientist that appreciate the climate hoax is a hoax itself. 
The number was generatd by a lady that analyzed the abstracts of a scientific journal that does not publish critical articles
Most scientists working in the fields relevant for the climate hoax hypothesis working on a small sector and does not have an overview on the whole hypothesis. 
When I have a look on phyisists, chemists, engineers there are
- Some that believe in the climate hoax and tell it everyone. 
- Many that does not care
- Many that does not believe but keep their mouth shut. 
- A very few that have the courage to critizise it openly. 

The value of Solar & Wind Energy in the GridApril 5, 2019

In reality in the grid demand and power generation needs to be equal at any moment or the grid collapse. Neither solar nor wind contribute to grid stability. 

In Germany the grid operators paid 2016 for 188 TWh electricity from "Renewables" 24.9 bn. € (about 30bn$) and achieved revenues of 1.2 Mrd. € (about 1.4bn$). That means 95% are lost subsidies.  

The average value of 1 kWh "Renewables" is 0,6 c/kWh (0,7.c$)

If you take out the electricity from water 10.9 TWh & bio mass 28 TWh that is produced regularly. The revenues from wind & solar is slightly above 0. 

If you consider the costs for control energy the necessary grid expansion, power plants in warm or hot stand by (not mentioned above) the value of solar & wind power is below 0. 

Dirty Windmills 08.12.2019
A windmill consists of some hundred yards of access road, 2000to concrete (foundation) 200 tons steel, glas fiber reinforced polyester, or carbon fibre reinforced epoxy (wings), copper (generator)...
If it generates useless electricity acc. to the coincidences of the weather...there is a huge environmental burden not compensated by a useful product as electricity...Thus it is by far worse than a coal plant. That is why I speak about dirty wind mills. 

Investing in Utilities 2018


I was living a couple of years in the middle east and other non developed non asian countries. In these countries the climate hoax* and "renewable energies" are not really popular. Only a few US/European educated poeple care about it. What many poeple really care about are energy prices and most of them make the governments responsible for it. That means there is always the latent risk of pleasing potential voters at the cost of utilities. This risk varies with the political situation. Acc. to my personal assumption it is high in Brasil, risky in Argentine with the next election and lower in Chile that is more stable and poeple are less emotional. "Renewable Energies" are installed if there is an external sponsor.


The risk in Western Europe is in the green religion with such phantasy stories as the climate hoax. It is hard to make a profit if there is 1500h/year a low or negative price caused by subsidized dirty wind, or solar energy.


New built nuclear, 10 bn GBP (EPR GB), 9 bn € (France), 8 bn (AP1000 US) is far away from any competitivness. Compared with 2bn $ (CPR 1000 China) or 4 bn (VVER Russia) shows that the extreme documentation, testing and certifications in the west as a result of perceived risks makes nuclear to a non competitive alternative. Poeple in the western countries needs to get away from phantasy stories about nuclear dangers.


*The climate hoax or "climate change" is a very poor once scientific hypothesis that is marketed by green organizations similar to a brain wash.


"Science Based "Climate Change"" 16.09.2019

the climate hoax is without question communicated as "science based" as most modern religions. It is as well without question that you will find in the established media only rarly critical articles/reports. Sometimes you will find results that are definitly against this hypothesis but not mentioned as such.
In an environment of selective information and fraud a plausibilty check is sometimes very helpful. It is the same as reading stock analysis or company reports careful...check numbers, add the missing negative informations by yourself.
if you have a close look on the IPCC reports put together by IPCC key persons with close ties to Green NGO* you will find out that the usually published figures and pictures are clear. If you read the report it is not that clear at all. If you have a look in the references the picture is different. If you have a look on alternative media and platforms your picture might change.



Subsidies for Fossil Fuel 


Subsidies for fossil fuel have usually a different purpose than that of dirty wind & solar. 


Many of the subsidies are designed to share the wealth of a country with the poeple. For ex. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the king let the poeple participate in the wealth of the country by low gasolene and diesel prices. 


Many of these subsidies are designed as social welfare as the LPG prices in Egypt to provide social wellfare in a country with a dysfunctional administration. 




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